Top 2013 Stocking Stuffers for Men

Our 2013 list of top stocking stuffers for men has all our favorite picks for this holiday season. These stocking stuffer ideas are sure to get you the kind of attention you were hoping for this holiday – because he is going to love them.

Aeropress by Aerobie ($26)


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Like coffee? This is the stocking stuffer for men that are discriminating coffee snobs or the guys who just want something to look forward to in the morning. I know that giving the man in your life a Pod or Cup-based coffee machine seems like a good idea. You think to your self, “Wouldn’t it be convenient for him to just throw a cup in and go?” But real men know, just because something is convienent doesn’t mean it’s right. Get him something that he’ll really love. The Aeropress coffee and esspresso maker delivers the smoothest, richest coffee that he’s ever tasted, so I had to include it in this year’s stocking stuffers for men list. He’ll be glad that you thought enough of him – He can handle it. Best of all? This goodness won’t slow him down. Brewing only takes 1 minute.

Totes Big Top Umbrella ($31)

Totes Big Top Umbrella

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A gentlemen holds the door for a lady. He escorts her carefully arm in arm. And, if it’s raining, he offers her a walk under his umbrella. The Totes Big Top has you covered.[1] Large enough to keep two people rain-free, compact enough to slip in his commuter bag or the door of your car, and easy to open and close with one hand. The Totes Big Top Umbrella does everything he needs it to and looks good to boot – let’s not overcomplicate this – just stuff it in the stocking already.

Thermos Nissan ($23)

Thermos Nissan

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If you need to keep something hot or cold, this is the best of the best. He’ll think of you every day when he uses this smart stocking stuffer. The most amazing part of this isn’t that it has a lockable, virtually spill proof lid or that its made of beautiful brushed stainless steel. The most amazing part of the Thermos Nissan is that if you put hot coffee in it at 7:30am, it will still be hot at 12:30pm for an after lunch pick-me-up. Don’t worry, Sceptic. I didn’t believe it either until I tried it. My preferred method? Make a cup of coffee in a mug to get me started and then fill this Thermos up on my way out the door. He’ll use it every day. And, once you see his hot coffee on December 26th, you’ll wish you had grabbed one for yourself.

Wave by Leatherman ($60)

Wave by Leatherman

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It’s been said that every man should have a good pocket knife. And, if it fits in a pocket, it will definitely be just right when stuffed in his stocking. The Leatherman Wave is the most popular multi-tool that Leatherman makes and for good reason. While not a traditional pocket knife, this multi-tool has you covered in 17 different ways. Both knives are one-hand accessible with the tool closed. If you need more, a file, saw, scissors, screwdriver and more are a quick open away. Heck, you could probably build a small tree fort with this thing. If you just need to make some quick repairs around the house, or if you are headed out to commune with nature – bring this with you. Available in Stainless Steel and Black Oxide.


Safety Razor by Merkur ($32)

Merkur Safety Razor

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Take him back in time the good way with these beard-busting stocking stuffers. When speaking of things that every man should have a luxurious shave should rank highly on that list, but a luxurious shave is not measured by counting the number of blades that he’ll have to drag across his face, but be careful when you stuff his stocking with this. Maybe just warn him off the sharp stuff. In razors, as in life, sometimes the best way forward is to look back. Your grandfather had it right: there is no more luxurious shave than fresh menthol and eucalyptus lather applied with a badger brush and carefully removed with a double edged safety razor.  The Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor is weighted beautifully, covered in chrome ro prevent rusting and will fit perfectly in man-sized hands. This really was a must for top stocking stuffers for men 2013 list, so don’t pass on this one. One more thing: the blades are so much cheaper that this razor will save you hundreds of dollars over years of use. It’s a no-brainer – I’ve been shaving this way for years. One caveat for the on the go traveler: While the Merkur Safety razor is allowed in a carry-on, the blades are not. Check them, or leave your Merkur at home and make the homecoming that much better. Here are a few more things you might want to consider: Feather Blades ($4)Badger Shaving Brush ($13)Proraso Pre-Shave Cream ($12)Proraso Shaving Soap, Eucalyptus & Menthol ($10)

Fountain Pen by Pilot ($33)

Pilot Prera Pens

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Important moments should be celebrated. Bring some gravitas to his writing with these signature stocking stuffers. If you’re like me, most everything you do is digital. Texting with my wife and friends, playing games, researching new stuffers, even writing notes. But there are still a few things that are better when hand written. Writing those thank you cards, buying that house, signing that big deal – these are special events. For those times get a great stocking stuffer that he’ll actually want to use. The Prera fountain pen is the perfect mix of tool and conversation piece. It’s nice without being too nice to carry, writes easily, fits the hand well, and will last for years. He’ll love using it, and it’ll make the thank you note he writes you afterwards just that bit more classy. Here are a few more things you might consider: Pilot Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge ($8)Pilot Pen Convertor for Bottled Ink ($13)Diamine Bottled Ink ($7–16)

Noise Cancelling Headphones by Bose ($299)

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Sometimes a man needs to step back from the world and relax. This Christmas stocking stuffer for men will tickle his inner audiophile. Whether it’s in a plane in coach or his favorite chair in the study, the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones will turn any environment into a peaceful oasis. These Bose headphones are the best item for your music fan on the stocking stuffers for men list, no matter what age. If he’s out and on the go on a bike or walking through the city, Aware mode lets him hear the world around outside at the touch of a button. Plus, unlike many in-ear headphones, these will actually stay put as he moves, making them excellent for active sports too! Go ahead, put the world on pause.

TacTikka Plus by Petzl


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Useful for fishing, hunting, camping, or finding your way around the basement, this headlamp will quickly become a vital part of your manly arsenal. I used to love my MagLite. I would taking it on every camping trip, and kept it in a drawer beside my bed just in case the power went out. I haven’t touched it since I bought my headlamp for a camping trip 3 years ago. With LED longevity, a red light filter for improved night vision, and the ease of hands free light, I just won’t use anything else.

Looking for More Ideas on Stocking Stuffers for Men?

Stay tuned… over the next few weeks we’ll be updating this with even more great stocking stuffers for men.

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